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pixiesnpoprawks's Journal

Behind the eyes that seem so happy..

5 January

Me I'm scared of everything, who I am, what I've seen, what I've done. Most of all I'm scared of walking out this room and never feeling for the rest of my life the way I feel when I'm with you.- Dirty Dancing (Jennifer Grey)

·· i AM ··

I am quiet and I am loud. I am shy and I am wild. I am honest and I am dishonest. I am optimistic and I am pessimistic. I am angry and I am content. I am sad and I am happy. I am blunt and I am gentle. I am everything I wanted to be and I am not everything I could be. I am conceited and I am modest. I am manipulative and I am rash. I am loved and I am hated. I am a bitch and I am an angel. I am unique and I am just like you. I am good and I am evil. I am afraid and I am bold. I am alone and I am accompanied. I am congenial and I am hateful. I am the things you could only wish to be, and so much more...


He's one of those guys who makes you smile when he walks in a room, and you know he can make you laugh without even trying. He can make a bad day the best day you've ever had by just calling at that exact moment before you break down in tears and makes you smile for no other reason than you've heard his voice and you know that now everything's going to be ok.He knows exactly what to say when you're sad....because he can just sense it,as if he feels your own pain, and the fact he noticed something was wrong, made everything a little better.He's the kind of guy who needs someone to hold and will do whatever ever it takes to get her...and then once he's got her he does whatever it takes to keep her.He doesn't let what the other people say about either of you effect his feelings for you or alter your relationship because he knows you're all he's ever dreamed of and more.He writes you letters just to say hey and reminds you how beautiful you are every day.He needs you like you need him and he doesn't deny it.He doesn't give up when things aren't going the best.He never makes excuses for not calling you.He could stare at you for hours without saying a word and show a million expressions cause he knows exactly what you're thinking like a silent conversation only heard through your heart.He knows right where you're ticklish and takes advantage of it every chance he gets.He blows you kisses through the phone.This is the guy you know you'll be with forever but forever could never be long enough for such a constant love.You need him and he needs you and life isn't worth while if he's not around.i'll never be happier than i am with him and that's why i'm alive and i'll never let him go..

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for understanding.
Thank you for always holding my hand.
Thank you for being so kind to me.
Thank you for all you've done.
Thank you for always coming back.
Thank you for changing my life.
Thank you for being so wonderful.
A thousand thanks for everything you've ever done..
A million thanks for what we will do.
Thank you for loving me.



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· broken hearts · paper cuts · liars · cheaters · people who TyPe LyKe DiS or TyP3 L1k3 D15 · Britney Spears · sluts · fingernails on chalkboards · name calling · people who wear ties to be 'punkish' · loneliness · boredom · people who think they're better then everyone else ;\

LiKES ··

· nice people · rock music · writing · poems · reading · stuffed animals · bracelets · Monster's Inc · black · purple · eyeliner · staying up late · animals · sleeping · mirrors · glass · showers · rainy weather · love · bunnies · oreo's · rob · jeans · boots · friends · candy canes · lifesavers · sprite · pj's · water · letters · black + white photos · stupid Disney tv shows ·

·· i HATE ··

Assuptions. The people who gather up assumptions. Imperfection. Complainers. Snot nosed kids. Private school bitches. The sunshine. Stupidity. Those who show stupidity. Yellow. Green. Gold. Pamela Anderson. Assholes. Happy people. Those who giggle excessively. Immature teens. Ignorant people. Illiterate people. Men who look at little girls. Sexual Harassment. Guys who toy with girls. Heart breakers. Liars. Drug users. Drunks. Drugs. Excessive use of alcohol. Racists. Christian stations. Roaches. The Catholic channel. Raw meat. Ladders. Misunderstandings. School. Animal Killers. Whores. Talent wasters. Those who think they understand me. Those that try to understand me. People with closed minds. Prostitution. Being the center of attention. Those that pat me on the back. People who try too hard. Fat people. Attention seekers. Most people in general. Most things in general. I hate how you look straight through me. I hate how you produce these theories about my life. I hate how you tell me you're my friend, but stab me in the back. I hate how you walk this earth thinking you are high holy shit.

·· i FEAR ··

Love. Ladders. Being alone. Roaches. Walking with my back turned to the darkness. Getting hurt. Needles. Medicine. Trusting people. Going to the doctor. Crowds. People touching me. Cancer. Disease. Unwelcomed hugs. Unwelcomed -I Love Yous-. Alcohol. Being the center of attention. Reading aloud. Sleeping with the lights on and the doors open. What might be under the table. My mind. My emotions. My past. Tomorrow. Having my heart broken. Opening my eyes on lonely nights. The things that my mind portrays as being real.


My name is Danielle. I live in the small, yet fairly large and well known city of Brockton, MA. People complain about this city, but there's nothing wrong with living here. I'm just another person in this world... maybe I'll leave a mark on a few people when I pass away. But I can only hope. I am the not the only child. But yes I'm spoiled and no I'm not a brat. I am very shy around people I don't know.. but everyone that is really close to me says I'm: crazy, sweet, and friendly. I love to listen to music, hang out with friends, watch movies, and of course shop.. My favorite stores are: AE, Aero, Gadzooks, Pacsun, and Hot Topic. Well that's some of my life in writing. xoxo